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XGBoost Trend

XGBoost is the most popular (by search volume) library for boosted decision trees and gradient boosting.

This can be confirmed by looking at the Google Trends volume for XGBoost compared to other popular gradient boosting libraries such as CatBoost, LightGBM and Gradient Boosting more generally.

Not only is XGBoost more popular than other libraries from March 2014 to May 2024, but search volume for XGBoost continues to grow year after year.

XGBoost google trends

A linear fit (0.777 * x + 5.55) of the XGBoost search volume from Google Trends shows a R^2 value (goodness of fit) of 0.834 (1.0 is perfect).

This means that month-over-month growth is about 0.777 (relative search interest or volume) on average.

XGBoost google trends chart

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